Aspire Heritage School


The Kindergarten 1 represents the age group of 4 years – 5 years. Children are introduced to writing, counting, number recognition, simple problem solving in a fun filled and purposeful manner. The children are encouraged to be more vocal and expressive about their ideas and thoughts. Activities for this age group are designed in a broader manner to
facilitate each child’s interest and capability. Our inquiry-based approach encourages students to take ownership and responsibility of their own learning .It triggers student’s curiosity in children and an ability to reflect on the process of learning. Our students are challenged to think over an issue, work collaboratively, solve problems creatively, and
communicate effectively using a wide range of media.
Our students explore concepts through hands- on activities. Our students build their skills over several domains of child development. And practice and build up ideas, concepts and skills through imaginative free play, art and craft, storytelling and theme-based, age-appropriate activities.