Aspire Heritage School


Message by Principal

Every child here is an inevitable part of our growing mission. We encourage our students to be independent critical thinkers. The school endeavors to explore the domain of knowledge, skill, understanding of values and social-cultural mores on an international perspective. At Aspire Heritage, we nurture the natural curiosity of our student in a dynamic manner that transcend conventional subject boundaries and every effort is made by the faculty to enable the learner gain scholastic and co-scholastic excellence and leadership skills so that they are able to excel in every possible direction in the near future.
From the moment a child enters the premises of the school irrespective of his /her background and caliber, he/she is catered in the best of the provision and facilities; groomed and nurtured with an aim in a manner that pupil can stride in the adult world with independent responsibility. As Principal, I am delighted that the school’s values align with values, including the importance of honesty, trust, respect, innovation and a sense of community.

Learning at Aspire Heritage is not confined to the class room alone but moves beyond that. We provide a happy, caring and stimulating learning environment where children recognize and achieve their fullest potential so that they can make their best contribution to the society. Our core values are honesty, integrity, quality, accountability and social responsibility. We value the partnership that exists between the school, parents and the community. Our pedagogy supports children from not only learning in a typical classroom setting but provide multiple opportunities to connect to nature and make connections with real world. Children are curious learners and we at Aspire Heritage School provide them ample opportunities to connect to their surroundings.

Our staff at Aspire Heritage School supports a child in a way that a child feels safe, and secure and nurtured and helps him to build his cognitive, intellectual language social emotional and physical skills and all this is done in a structured manner through developmentally appropriate activities. I take the opportunity to show my sincere gratitude to Almighty God for his benevolence, generous blessings showered upon our institution through various people and events.

I would like to warmly welcome you all once again and we hope to be a part of your children’s foundation years.